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FutureBlock is an accelerator that transforms today’s most promising Blockchain startups into tomorrow’s market-leading Blockchain companies. Our incubation and investment strategy is based on expertly selecting Blockchain startups with proven business models and providing early-stage funding, customized acceleration programs and guided growth. The FutureBlock management team is passionate about everything Blockchain. Regularly adding industry leaders as co-founders or even serving as co-founders ourselves, we take a hands-on approach in positioning our select group of projects for success according to their unique needs. True to the driving principles of Blockchain technology, transparency is at the core of our investment model. We direct 100% of investments into our partnering startups, with zero management fees and a separate legal entity for storing funds so that all parties involved can focus on what matters — building amazing blockchain products. Are you ready to block?

Our Models

FutureBlock offers 3 models for different types of Blockchain startups:


Very early stage Blockchain startups with a solid idea receive free consulting and guidance on matters of R&D, BizDev and everything in between. They emerge fully prepared for the next stage of activities, including recruiting investors and building out their product.


Early stage Blockchain startups that are ripe for advancing receive pre-seed investment, alongside a powerful acceleration program that offers drilled down planning and hands-on implementation.


Blockchain startups with a viable product that have successfully raised early-stage funding are provided expert guidance in growth strategy and execution, both for business development and further rounds of investment.

Our Acceleration Activity


FutureBlock creates a customized 4-6 month acceleration program for each of our startups based on their unique needs and stages of development.


We guide our startups in choosing the appropriate resources and building a technological roadmap that is optimally aligned with their business objectives.


We understand that marketing is the lifeblood of any startup and provide in-house experts in acquisition and retention as well as outsourced access to specialized marketing services.

Blockchain Community

We offer our startups direct access to the world’s best Blockchain communities to share their ideas and get support.

Blockchain Labs

Our Blockchain technology experts offer Blockchain technology consulting, architecture, software solutions and R&D.

Business Development & Capital Raising

We give our startups access to a wide network for business development and investment opportunities.


We provide legal support for regulatory compliance, corporate law, intellectual property and more.

Accounting and Economics

We offer accounting services and consulting for optimal management of our startups.


Tzahi Kanza
Tzahi Kanza
Expert in Blockchain technology, business and economics. Highly experienced in managing technology products and startups. CEO at Titanium Blockchain.
Asaf Yosifov
Asaf Yosifov
Managing Partner
Experienced manager of complex R&D projects. Expert in developing tech products in diverse fields. Founder and co-founder of multiple startups. CEO at Titanium Technologies.
Marc Kenigsberg
Marc Kenigsberg
Managing Partner
One of the most influential Blockchain advocates since 2013. Regularly attends and speaks at industry events, as well as contributes to leading publications.
Richard Lu
Richard Lu
Managing Partner
Serial entrepreneur and experienced product manager in AI and Blockchain field. CEO at Enerfy and board director of several technology companies.
Juan Otero
Juan Otero
Global Partner - AU
Juan Otero is a serial Tech Entrepreneur & Innovation Advocate with 15+ years' experience in building, scaling and leading disruptive companies. Previous companies include Sun Microsystems / Oracle and Booking.com
Joseph Leo
Joseph Leo
Global Partner - NYC
Agile/XP Software Developer with years of experience in multiple languages, diverse teams, and varying work environments. Specialties: Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Technical Team Leadership,  and Lean Development.
Ofer Zur
Ofer Zur
Business Development
Founded and managed 5 start ups till today (sold 2 of them) with vast experience in online & mobile Fintech / Adtech / Crypto & Blockchain platforms. Consulting for various Crypto & Blockchain related start ups.

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