FutureBlock is a global venture studio that transforms today’s most promising

Blockchain startups into tomorrow’s market-leading companies

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Our Venture Studio Activity

Startup Planning

FutureBlock creates a customized 4-6 month acceleration program for each of our startups based on their unique needs and stages of development.

Startup Execution

We guide startups in choosing the right resources and building a technological roadmap that is optimally aligned with their business objectives.

Pre-seed Investment

We invest in early stage blockchain startups with solid team, business model and technology.

Online Platform

Our Online Investor Relation Platform connects our startups with potential investors and offers them high-end investors management tools.

Blockchain Labs

Our Blockchain technology experts offer Blockchain technology consulting, architecture, software solutions and R&D.

Business Development & Capital Raising

We give our startups access to a wide network for business development and investment opportunities.


Marketing is the lifeblood of any startup and wev provide in-house experts as well as outsourced marketing professionals.



Blockchain Community

We offer our startups direct access to the world’s best Blockchain communities to share their ideas and get support.


Asaf Yosifov
Asaf Yosifov
Experienced manager of complex R&D projects. Expert in developing tech products in diverse fields. Founder and co-founder of multiple startups. CEO at Titanium Technologies.
Tzahi Kanza
Tzahi Kanza
Managing Partner
Expert in Blockchain technology, business and economics. Highly experienced in managing technology products and startups. CEO at Titanium Blockchain.
Richard Lu
Richard Lu
Managing Partner
Serial entrepreneur and experienced global product manager in both AI and Blockchain. CEO at Enerfy China and board director of several technology companies.
Juan Otero
Juan Otero
Global Partner - AU
Serial entrepreneur & innovation advocate with 15+ years' experience leading disruptive companies. Previous companies include Sun MS, Oracle and
Joseph Leo
Joseph Leo
Global Partner - NYC
Founder and CEO of the New York software consultancy, Def Method. Highly experienced in agile software development and technology projects management.  
Liran Peretz
Liran Peretz
Business Development
Experienced CEO working in the financial services industry. Expert in business strategic planning, and deployment and sales of cutting edge technologies.

Strategic Partners

Our Startup Ecosystem

Marketplace for  secondary shares

Security token platform

Identity authentication protocol

Community management tool

A protocol for decentralized payment networks

A one-stop travel booking platform

A Hyperledger platform for invoice financing, factoring, & reporting Apps.

IoT platform that connects wine & spirits producers and lovers.

Crypto wallet system

Secondary market tokanization platform

Fintech fantasy platform

Vaccination management

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