FutureBlock opens a new branch in China!

FutureBlock opens a new branch in China!

FutureBlock and UIT, a leading Chinese cloud storage and service company, signed on April 8 an agreement to open FutureBlock first branch in China. The venture and signing ceremony are with the support of Zhengzhou government, the Israeli embassy in Beijing and the Israeli Chamber of commerce in China.

FutureBlock China is a Blockchain+ accelerator that combines innovative technologies of blockchain and AI, and applies it to sectors such as cross-border e-commerce, supply chain, media, and city services. With the support of Chinese local governments and leading business partners, FutureBlock China is bringing its leading startups and companies to cooperate, work and explore business and investment opportunities with leading Chinese companies and institutions.   

On the one hand, FutureBlock China is helping to build new digitalization infrastructure which is in a high demand in China.  On the other hand, FutureBlock assists its portfolio companies to establish relationships with leading companies such as Ant Financial, JD finance, Pingan, China mobile, Sequoia Capital China, Hongtai group, as well as other industry leaders in China and Hong Kong.


FutureBlock China first branch is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province. Henan province has a population of 100 million people and is just 3 hours ride from Beijing. Zhengzhou strategic location, with railway, road and aviation transport networks, transforms Zhengzhou into one of the largest economic centers in China, and the center for “one belt, one road” initiative.

Blockchain and AI companies that are interested to enter the Chinese market, are welcome to contact us.