First release of

First release of

We are happy to announce the release of the first version of Gaby.

The beta version release provides a set of tools for community managers such as:

Community Management Tool (CMT):
Posting information across many WhatsApp groups.
Collecting and processing data feeds from WhatsApp groups.
Reporting on processed data and member engagement.
Member Management

Community Campaigns:
The community campaigns are branded content and advertising packages with these features and options:
Advertising on both owned & operated channels.
Influencer branded content partnerships (i.e. podcasts and video series).
Sponsored broadcasts over hi-end groups.
Branded social media & email marketing campaigns.
Event sponsorships.

Gaby Crypto Baskets:
Gaby Crypto Baskets are a technology product based on smart contracts, that receives Ethereum (ETH) and on the same transaction sends back a collection of ERC20 tokens while paying out predefined commissions. Everything is done in a single secure transaction and is transparent on the ETH blockchain.


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