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FutureBlock boosts budding blockchain and AI startups in any corner of the world. Currently, we’ve opened branches, settled our representatives, and built strong partnerships in Israel, China, the Caribbean, Ukraine, Singapore and Thailand, the USA (NYC), UK, Malta, Germany, and Korea, covering most of the world’s continents.


FutureBlock has  set up a unique joint venture with an outstanding Argentina based company – RSK. RSK is the first bitcoin-based smart contract platform built on the open code. Thanks to its blockchain technologies, the platform enriches Bitcoin network with a new cool functionality – smart contracts – and makes the assets’ digitization and tokenization in different industries (real estate, art, insurance, government, financial services, etc.) easier and super secure. Thanks to its being an open source project, RSK enables users to build decentralized solutions compatible with Web3 standards. Moreover, the platform offers its Smart Bitcoin (RBTC) which can be easily converted to and from Bitcoin.


The FutureBlock – RSK joint venture focuses on its digital securities platform based on RSK protocol. With this in mind, RSK provides its super secure protocol, while FutureBlock takes care of the whole life cycle of the product. This joint venture offers FutureBlock a great gateway to the Latin American market and brings awesome opportunities to its network startups in terms of digitization and tokenization of their assets in real estate, finance and more.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel