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Caribbean FutureBlock branch is a Blockchain accelerator which aims to develop and connect blockchain and AI startups with proven business models across the Caribbean. It is led by Gabriel Abed – a well-known cryptographer and blockchain entrepreneur, and Liran Peretz – an expert in blockchain business strategic planning and product deployment.

Caribbean FutureBlock is located in Barbados. Thanks to its proximity to the U.S. and an international business approach, this region has a potential for attracting both American and foreign investors all over the world.

The mission of our cooperation is to help and promote blockchain and AI startups mostly in the Caribbean area, but also globally, assisting them with their product and technology, go to market strategy, fundraising and developing their business strategies. Moreover, with our extended network, FutureBlock aims to boost the portfolio companies’ growth, creating relevant partnership ties with Caribbean startups.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel