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We aspire to transform our network startups into leading companies. To bring this value, we build connections with great companies and look for trustworthy investors from all over the globe. Currently, we have introduced our services in such blockchain-welcoming countries as Israel, China, the Caribbean, Ukraine, Singapore and Thailand, the USA (NYC), the UK, Germany, Korea, Malta, France, Turkey, and France.

Our French joint venture is represented by a promising partnership between FutureBlock and La Fabrique du Futur&Co. La Fabrique du Futur&Co is an awesome France-based study and research center which serves as a mediator between consumers and socio-economic and political decision-makers and  supports innovation companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs, helping them implement their innovative society-oriented ideas, or generating its own projects. For this purpose, it connects them through ValYooTrust – its unique innovative platform, and helps build new innovation ecosystems. Together with La Fabrique du Futur, a non-governmental organization, it brings their Do Tank and a Think Tank together.

With this partnership, we aim at boosting our ecosystems, introducing our network startups and partners to each other. For our startups, this joint venture is an excellent opportunity to approach and build  new long-lasting partnerships with tested investors from France.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel