FutureBlock connects with Acatena!

FutureBlock connects with Acatena!

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with Acatena.

Acatena is a unique platform based on the blockchain & IoT technologies which fulfills multiple missions. It serves to protect brands and consumers from fraud and counterfeiting, by guaranteeing product authenticity and enabling to trace the whole product journey, and connects the product with its end customers, by creating an internet-based marketplace. With this in mind, it helps digitize fine wines and rare whiskey, turning them into tradable digital assets. Apart from that, the platform boosts customers’ engagement, by rewarding them for their interactions with the product through the Acatena app.


Matteo Panzavolta, the Founder and CEO of Acatena, has spent more than 18 years as executive in marketing, operations, and innovation, working in GE, Alstom and Honeywell. Possessing a degree in Environmental Engineering (Universita’ di Bologna) and an Executive MBA (University of St. Gallen), he’s gained profound knowledge in innovative technologies, becoming an IoT & blockchain expert.


By means of this partnership, Acatena has joined FutureBlock’s acceleration program to get our professional assistance in developing its business. Apart from that, we’ll provide it with the access to our network investors, creating suitable fundraising opportunities.


We believe that with this cooperation, we’ll help our portfolio companies and network members establish useful connections with Acatena, introducing the world of brand-protected and digital wine to their customers.


To connect with Acatena, go to here.

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