FutureBlock enters into a partnership with EdenChain!  

FutureBlock enters into a partnership with EdenChain!  

We are proud to announce a new partnership with EdenChain.

EdenChain is a blockchain platform for enterprises that aims to help replace existing assets with blockchain-based tokens through smart contracts.

Their platform provides users technological supports to tokenize their assets without intermediaries while it controls the procedure to keep all private data protected. These tokenizable assets include both tangible and intangible ones, such as real estate, skill, time, game items, services, cars, stocks, etc. As these tokens are tradeable, token owners have a new means to exploit their assets previously unexplored.

Thanks to that, it becomes possible to create new digital assets which have the potential to build new markets in the future.

By cooperating with EdenChain, FutureBlock will help it reach new clients and introduce its services on our platform. EdenChain, on the other hand, will help us expand FutureBlock community as well as assist our companies in tokenization through smart contracts.

At FutureBlock, we believe that together, we will create a new game-changing future for digital assets, drastically expanding opportunities of companies willing to tokenize their assets.

If you are willing to digitize and tokenize your assets, you are welcomed to contact FutureBlock or EdenChain