with the help of FutureBlock and Bancor released a new trading bot for Whatsapp! with the help of FutureBlock and Bancor released a new trading bot for Whatsapp!

With this feature for the first time, users can exchange Digital Assets Like Ethereum and ERC20 tokens using WhatsApp. 

This new feature is made possible thanks to the integration between the Gaby Wallet and Bancor’s smart contracts.

Bancor (, one of the leading ICO of 2017 is a smart contracts platform allowing for exchange, price discovery and liquidity in a fully automated manner. It enables the “Long-tail” of cryptocurrency by allowing any community or individual to list their tokens on the decentralized exchange and make it liquid by using the Bancor relay token.

A quick reminder: is a cross-platform network that offers blockchain-based solutions for social community management and has created the Gaby wallet where users can manage a cryptocurrency account using their favorite chat application.  Apart from helping Gaby with the technical implementation of its tool, FutureBlock is in charge of planning and realization of its go-to-market strategy and business development.

The Gaby / Bancor partnership brought together the smart contract features into the messaging application world, It made the exchange process easy for anyone using WhatApp (and soon telegram and others).

 The user simply follows a conversion thread and executing transactions by texting back to the <Gaby wallet>.

Tokens are exchanged and held in the wallet without the need to download any additional mobile App.

This release will be followed by more features and utilities removing barriers from holding and trading digital assets.