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FutureBlock is a global blockchain accelerator with representatives and branches in different countries all over the world. Boosting promising blockchain and AI startups and keeping on expanding itself, FutureBlock has representatives in Thailand, Singapore, Australia and the USA – the leading innovation countries for startups.

In addition, FutureBlock has physical branches in Israel, China, and the Caribbeans. We’ve chosen Israel, for it’s a true nation of startups, offering blockchain and AI startups per capita 40 times as much as the USA. With its well-trained and qualified workforce, inborn diligence and governmental support of startups, it is one of the world’s startups’ hub.

China is nowadays becoming the world’s largest blockchain market and leading by blockchain patents. With its open-to-foreign startups policy, it possesses large foreign startups communities in major cities and offers governmental programs to support foreign businesses in it.

The Caribbean region is actively developing its startup ecosystem. It provides the Caribbean Investment Network for those looking for investment, the Angel Investment Network to find investors from any corner of the world, entrepreneurship programs giving access to investment funds and offering training programs, startup summits, and other massive conferences promoting innovation network. Last but not least, the legislation in the Caribbeans promotes and supports blockchain based technologies.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel