InToSleep Joins Our Venture Studio!

InToSleep Joins Our Venture Studio!

We are happy to share that InToSleep has become a member of the FutureBlock network.

InToSleep  is a wonderful health tech startup based in Israel that aims at helping people treat the second top health problem globally – insomnia.

The company is led by Asaf Santo  – a multi-facet entrepreneur who’s got 15 years of experience in processes development, R&D, and project management in robotics, VR, semiconductor, material science, and SW, and Noam Hadas – a founder and CTO of high-tech projects in several markets, a twice winner of  the Canon Gold Medical Design Excellence Award, and an an inventor who has developed and patented more than 15 medical patents.

With people struggling with sleep disorders in mind, they have designed an amazing customized biofeedback solution to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and improve the sleep quality in the long run.

What Is the InToSleep Solution?
The InToSleep system comprises a smartphone application, a wireless finger sensor in a thimble, and a ceiling projector that projects images on the ceiling, just above the user’s head, and plays audio. Interacting with the user, it analyzes the user’s bodily processes and changes both the image projected and the audio to calm the user down. This way, the biofeedback loop leads the autonomic nervous system towards sleep.

As the InToSleep process is unconscious, effortless, and progressive, the repeated use of the solution boosts the desired effect.

At FutureBlock, we believe that InToSleep’s services will help build important business connections with other network members as well as assist those in need in treating sleep disorders. 

To contact InToSleep, please, click here.