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FutureBlock aims at supporting blockchain startups globally, by establishing branches and building long-term partnerships in Asia, America, and both Western and Eastern Europe. Currently, we have branches in Israel, China, the Caribbean, and Ukraine as well as impressing joint ventures in Singapore and Thailand, the USA (NYC), UK, Malta, Argentina, Germany, and Korea.

FutureBlock Korea is a promising joint venture with EdenChain. EdenChain is a Korea based fast, secure, and reliable third generation blockchain platform for enterprise users. EdenChain’s excellent blockchain technology provides a high level of security and allows to tokenize previously non-tradable assets, creating new digital assets and more investment opportunities. Using smart contracts makes the process of the assets’ digitization smooth and protected.

FutureBlock and EdenChain provide each other with the access to business networks and mutually share technology services. For FutureBlock companies, the joint venture with EdenChain is an amazing gateway to Korea and Asia.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel