Making Blockchain Available for Everyone: FutureBlock partners with Arkane!

Making Blockchain Available for Everyone: FutureBlock partners with Arkane!

We’re happy to introduce our new partner – Arkane.
Arkane is an amazing tech company that offers tools for building blockchain-based products and services that support nine Blockchains.

Being available on any device, customizable, and easy to integrate, the company’s solutions include Arkane API, secure and fully recoverable white label wallets, a fast exchange service (enabling Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Crypto trades), and a toolbox for blockchain development that covers a test environment and a demo application for your smooth integration within minutes. Apart from that, Arkane offers other services, like its cloud service which eliminates the need to use 3rd party service providers and customer support, bringing value to both developers and customers.

Thanks to its blockchain infrastructure and multi-factor authentication, the using of Arkane solutions is truly reliable and secure. Moreover, to bring the best value in terms of your security, Arkane tests its defences, by enabling Ethical hackers to battle them.

With this partnership, Arkane aims to provide our network members with its awesome blockchain-based tools and services.

At FutureBlock, we believe that Arkana’s solutions will help them ensure they build amazing and super secure solutions easy to manage and reshape in the future.