Making DeFi and CeFi Trading Secure As Never Before: Meet Diversifi!

Making DeFi and CeFi Trading Secure As Never Before: Meet Diversifi!

FutureBlock is happy to introduce our new awesome portfolio startup – Diversifi!

Diversifi is a suite of risk-aware and holistic profit-generating products for enterprise-level users (private equity investment banks, family offices, broker dealers, secondary funds, etc.) that aim to implement investment and trading strategies, ensuring secure and successful trading (both CeFi and Defi) and yield aggregation.

Founded by Eitan Katz – an expert in blockchain implementations and trading systems, with more than 30 years of experience in the software industry. The platform is built on top of 3 main pillars – decentralized and centralized investment strategies, built in insurance, and hedging. 

How does Diversifi work?
Using its unified terminal (for both DeFi and CeFi trading), the system’s AI technology engine analyzes, suggests, and executes the most adequate investment strategy in any of its liquidity sources: staking, lending, pools, vaults, indexes, deposits, and more.

At FutureBlock, we believe that this amazing startup will bring great value to both institutional investors and their customers, assisting them in building and implementing secure and successful trading in centralized and decentralized financial worlds.

Interested to learn more? Please contact the Diversifi team here