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FutureBlock sees a great benefit in its global presence. Implementing this mission, we’ve built branches, set up joint ventures, and partnered with amazing blockchain accelerators and companies, covering Israel, China, the Caribbean, Ukraine, Singapore and Thailand, the USA (NYC), UK, Germany, Korea, and Malta.

In Malta, we set a joint venture with Chiliz Blockchain Campus. Chiliz  is a fintech platform which powers, an amazing blockchain platform digitizing sports, e-sports, and entertainment events. Possessing partnerships with the world’s best football clubs, the platform enables fans all over the world to crowd-manage their favorite sports teams, leagues, and games based on blockchain technologies. The teams, leagues, and events can, in turn, monetize the fans’ voting rights.

In addition, Chiliz established its accelerator – Chiliz Blockchain Campus in order to unite European and Asian blockchain entrepreneurs and create favorable investment opportunities around them. The Chiliz Blockchain Campus is an accelerator and industry hub connecting some of the industry’s largest stakeholders across Asia and Europe, together with other emerging blockchain entrepreneurs. The campus is 100% privately held by Chiliz and located on-site in Malta. Known as “The Blockchain Island”, this small EU nation is a leader in the adoption of a government-level framework to regulate blockchain enterprises and the financial dynamics which underpin them within Europe.

The joint venture enables both parties’ networks to join forces for the benefit of their startups and investors. In addition, as a part of the joint venture, we co-organize blockchain events. The joint venture is a brilliant opportunity for our startups and investors to build connections with new European partners.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel