Meet Eitan Katz: The Founder of Diversifi!

Meet Eitan Katz: The Founder of Diversifi!

As a venture studio, at FutureBlock, we help lots of promising projects build and execute their business strategy, connect with possible partners, and grow their business. One of such amazing portfolio companies is Diversifi a platform that offers financial institutions and corporates a set of secure hedging and profit-generating tools for digital currency investments.

Meet Eitan Katz – the Founder and CEO of Diversifi. In this interview, you’ll find insights into his amazing success story – how it all started, what Diversifi is all about, future plans, and more.

So, here we go.

What was before Diversifi?
I started my way as a software developer for different companies and corporations, and also as a startup consultant, and of course I was involved in building a bunch of startups of my own.

I started programming when I was 18 – the early age of the Internet when people were only starting to adapt to it. Gradually, I switched from software development to product management to entrepreneurship,  launching innovative solutions, like an early solution for online targeting (back in 1998) , a user-friendly Bitcoin wallet (2014), an innovative startup incubator, etc.

What did you learn from building startups?
You have to follow your intuition. Back in 1998, my friend and I designed a user behavior analytics solution that collected data for adaptive search and online targeting. At that time, there was no clear understanding of online advertising, and VCs we approached kept telling us that online ads had no potential and a search engine is not needed. Now, of course, we all understand that they were wrong. But even then I clearly felt that and I learned a valuable lesson: most people – even VCs – judge the future with the past in mind. It’s like driving forward while only looking at the mirror. Entrepreneurs need to trust their gut and do what they feel is right.

Why did DeFi сatch your interest?
I’ve always had a passion for and worked with disruptive technologies. In 2014, when Bitcoin was growing in popularity, I started experimenting with  Bitcoin. As a user and a developer, I understood that it left much space for improvement – the early bitcoin wallets they offered were not user-friendly and not secure. That was actually the time when we built our Bitcoin wallet – designed for the everyday user, addressing the relevant risks by providing key backup features.

Since that time, decentralized finance has improved greatly. Now, this is no longer just for speculators. More and more solid, interesting solutions are being built. Besides, it has great exposure in traditional finance too – we hear of funds,  “regular” family offices, even corporates and hedge funds, and banks – all looking to leverage the advantages of  DeFi products.

What is the idea of the Diversifi project?
Diversifi is a platform for implementing financial instruments and investment strategies while enabling access to centralized and decentralized services in a secure and regulation-compliant way. It provides a set of hedging tools that minimize the investment risks while offering profit-generating tools and strategies. 

We develop proprietary financial instruments with our team of economists that includes leading economics and blockchain experts from academia.

The platform consists of three parts: a financial toolbox – the financial instruments to manage profits and investment risks; the terminal – a holistic solution to manage all assets and portfolio; and an assurance layer, consisting of security and insurance.

It is a unique approach as Diversifi fills the gap of large-scale adoption and acts as a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance.

What partners are you interested in?
Currently, we’re looking for traditional finance players that are looking to extend their crypto assets exposure and could help us scale.

Tell us about Diversifi’s future plans?
We have a packed roadmap. Mostly, it’s about developing and adding more innovative investment instruments to the platform. Recently, we launched the Protected BTC instrument – a structured instrument that limits the Bitcoin investment losses. It will soon be followed by  Protected ETH. In the near future, we’re going to release several smart hedging strategies and embed insurance on deposits. There are a few other fascinating instruments that will be attractive and unique – but let’s keep those as surprises.

If you are interested in cooperation with Diversifi, feel free to contact the team here.