Meet Our New Network Member - ProximaX!

Meet Our New Network Member - ProximaX!

We are happy to announce that ProximaX has joined the FutureBlock ecosystem.

ProximaX is an agile and powerful blockchain-based infrastructure and development platform designed for enterprise-grade applications. This platform solves many challenges of traditional blockchain and centralized systems by combining blockchain technology with distributed service layers. It uses a hub and spoke approach for each service layer so that they are all independent of one another, apart from relying on the blockchain as a hub for transaction records. This superior architecture makes the platform highly scalable where more service layers can be included in the future without affecting the platform’s performance.

Being unique, ProximaX Sirius is developed based on proven technologies for applications using public, private, hybrid, or consortia blockchains. By utilizing this platform, enterprises and developers can design and build bespoke applications based on blockchain technology easily, quickly, and at a lower total cost of ownership. 

As a part of our ecosystem, ProximaX will help our members build blockchain apps and system solutions utilizing the ProximaX infrastructure platform. In addition, ProximaX also offers an array of white label and ready-to-use app and system solutions such as mWallet,  the world’s first blockchain-based mobile wallet, eDLX – a digital securities management platform, SiriusID – a W3C compliant Self-Soverign Identity solution, ProximaX KYC – an onboarding and identity management solution, and ProximaX Suite – a blockchain-powered office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Want to know more about ProximaX? Contact them here