FutureBlock has set up a new partnership with VALURA!

FutureBlock has set up a new partnership with VALURA!

Glad to introduce our new partnership with VALURA to you!

VALURA is a cloud-based advisory which assists companies of any size in the valuation of their business as well as the market they take part in. With this in mind, VALURA offers a unique award-winning software solution that scans 80.000 companies from 107 countries in more than 90 industries. By estimating 60+ intangible values of the company, the software provides it with the competitive financial analysis as well as the corporate management one, helps it structure and manage the company’s KPI, build its business growth plan, illustrates the level of its readiness for investment/sale, and helps understand the company’s true market value.

In this cooperation, VALURA will help FutureBlock provide our network investors with the important market data for making a wise investment decision – it will assist us in preparing a market and financial report for the investors on the specific startups they are willing to invest in. Moreover, the company will help our team in conducting STO for portfolio companies. On our part, FutureBlock will provide VALURA with access to our community, creating favorable investment opportunities for VALURA’s members.

We believe, that with this partnership FutureBlock will help our network investors make well-considered and successful investment decisions and enable FutureBlock startups to access a wider pool of tested investors.


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