Building Blockchain Products Together: Meet Our Partner - InvestaX!

Building Blockchain Products Together: Meet Our Partner - InvestaX!

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with InvestaX!

InvestaX is a blockchain-based platform, licensed by the monetary authority of Singapore, for digitizing real assets. Founded in 2015, InvestaX was the first online investment platform in Asia focused on private equity for real estate and has recently launched the world’s 1st regulated Digital ESOP and Digital SPACs.

Founded by Alice Chen and Julian Kwan, the company aims at developing digital security offerings and boosting secondary trading in private markets. With this in mind, for securities issuers (like real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms), InvestaX acts as a partner to issue digital security offerings. It also provides other services, like advisory, capital raising, listing, secondary trading, and lifecycle management of digital securities. Moreover, through its digital securities platform, InvestaX brings a wide pool of selected global investors that undergo a careful due diligence process conducted by the InvestaX team.

For private investors, on the other hand, the platform serves as a place to keep, trade, and invest in global digital securities offerings. 

In our strategic partnership, we are building innovative blockchain products. We are planning to execute the products and R&D, develop and implement economic models, share knowledge in wide areas of expertise, and much more.


To get services from InvestaX, please, contact them here.