Revolutionizing the aviation industry: FutureBlock partners with Aeroband!

Revolutionizing the aviation industry: FutureBlock partners with Aeroband!

Proud to announce our new partnership with Aeroband – the winner of the FinTech of the Year at the Malta AIBC Summit 2019!

Founded by David Galea Sammut and Brendan McKittrick, two airline industry experts, Aeroband is developing an amazing Distributed Ledger Technology solution that is being delivered to the Aviation Community along with a number of transformational Apps. The company offers its blockchain-based platform – Aerobloc – that launches distributed applications to the Aviation Community stakeholders to make sharing their info and getting their profit a more trusted and fairer process. 


For this, Aeroband brings the right stakeholders together and manages the whole process under what it calls the ID3 application development. The idea of ID3 (Industry Design 3) is the creation of a blockchain-based project in collaboration with three peers which can be further rented by other airlines that pay lower than present rates of transaction fees, this way using Blockchain to create a Community. Supported by the smart contracts technology, the platform enables collaboration between stakeholders without the need for trusted intermediaries. Apart from that, Aeroband has created Aerolabs – a software development division and quality center where new distributed apps are built or certified before they go live on the Aerobloc platform.

In the long run, Aeroband is planning to re-strategize how the existing airline system processes are being conducted and try to build them into more efficient blockchain-enabled and AI-powered systems.


Brendan McKittrick, CEO and Co-Founder of Aeroband commented, “The greatest obstacle to data sharing has been trust, nowhere more so than at organisational edge interfaces.  I believe that the time has never been better to introduce the Blockchain paradigm of trustless networks which allow peers in the industry to safely trust their critical data to a community DLT to uplift revenues and lower costs.  We are delighted that FutureBlock has shown such confidence in us and we are all excited about the additional possibilities this creates as FutureBlock is a true global player in this space.”

In this partnership, FutureBlock will help Aeroband in developing technological solutions and blockchain infrastructure to combine new ideas and innovation in this industry.
We will also contribute to expanding Aeroband’s activity and enable it to build new connections, by introducing FutureBlock’s network startups and investors to it. On top of that, our Investor Outreach team will be helping Aeroband find new investors outside the FutureBlock network to help with accelerated scaling of the business globally.

At FutureBlock, we are happy to see Aeroband among our network members and believe that this collaboration will help add value to the spread of next gen scalable blockchain in the airline industry.