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FutureBlock is a blockchain accelerator with an international focus in mind. Currently, we are actively developing our network in different world spots, by connecting with awesome partners from Singapore and Thailand, Korea, the USA (NYC), UK, Malta, Argentina, and Germany.

Having partnered with Infinity Technologies, FutureBlock set up a joint venture in Singapore and Thailand. Infinity Technologies is a leading consulting company and accelerator which advises in different industries – from fintech to digital healthcare – and offers great strategic consulting and R&D solutions to make promising companies grow. Infinity Technologies’ unique approach is analyzing the startups’ needs and potential for the nearest 5 years before offering any services to them and then provides the startups with the best technical and business acceleration solution.

By cooperating with Infinity Technologies, FutureBlock aims to connect its portfolio companies and partners to the splendid acceleration program and investment network of the accelerator. FutureBlock provides Infinity Technologies with the access to its great network companies and partners. This cooperation opens amazing opportunities to FutureBlock startups.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel