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Being a global accelerator, we assist startups in practically any part of the world. We’ve opened offices and established strategic partnerships with great innovation technology companies from Israel, China, the Caribbean, Ukraine, Singapore and Thailand, the USA (NYC), the UK, Germany, Korea, Malta, France, and Turkey.


In Turkey, we’ve set up a joint venture with Valura – an amazing advisory which provides business evaluation of companies from different industries. With its award-winning software solution, which scans 80.000 companies in more than 90 industries, the company provides a deep financial and market analysis of companies of any size. Moreover, Valura offers a  6-8 month program to improve the company’s evaluation in case it was low.


In this collaboration, Valura will help FutureBlock  provide our network investors with a deep DD, market, and finance report on the specific startups they want to invest in. Apart from that, the company will assist us in conducting STO for our portfolio companies. On top of that, we’ll provide each other with the access to our communities, creating great investor outreach opportunities.


To us, this partnership means helping our network investors make better investment decisions and providing our startups with more investment opportunities.


3 Carlebach st., Tel Aviv, Israel