Meet our new partner - Unicorns Exchange!

Meet our new partner - Unicorns Exchange!

We are happy to announce FutureBlock’s new partnership – Unicorns Exchange. Unicorns Exchange is a unique platform which serves as a marketplace for Pre-IPO secondary market players. It is the world’s first white label marketplace for small and medium mediators which offers them to manage the trading process and gives access to the aggregated deal flow.

On the one hand, it makes Pre-IPO secondary market activities more efficient and trustworthy. The platform creates a massive database for the transactions, increasing the probability to quickly and smoothly close the deals. Besides, it is based on a unique AI and machine learning algorithm to make the matchmaking optimization as accurate and efficient as possible.

On the other hand, Unicorns Exchange connects its players (partners, sellers, buyers) into one network. Thanks to its decentralized technologies, Unicorn’s partners can handle their assets in a public mode which boosts their chances to find a buyer or a seller. When putting a buy/sell asset request in a public mode, Unicorns Exchange provides all its network partners with the access to it, and thus increases the partners’ probability to find a buyer or a seller for their asset.

We believe that this partnership will contribute to our blockchain network development and will provide our portfolio companies with important ties with Unicorns Exchange partners.

Those interested in joining Unicorns Exchange network click here.