We’re growing: Diamante Blockchain joins the FutureBlock network!

We’re growing: Diamante Blockchain joins the FutureBlock network!

We’re proud to introduce you our new startup on our network- Diamante Blockchain!

Diamante Blockchain is the world’s first consortium of diamond and luxury goods supply chain participants. Lead by Dinesh Patel and Chirag Jetani, the fintech experts with more than 30 years of diamond industry work experience, the startup unites its verified members into a massive ecosystem, providing them with secure and trusted blockchain-based fintech solutions.

With this in mind, Diamante Blockchain offers a global platform to establish trade between its users as well as to connect credit providers with their potential borrowers. The consortium also delivers corporate payment solutions that provide fast and low-cost transfers of cross-currency, cross-border, and national payments. Moreover, the platform offers its utility token – DIAM – which is used to access both the ecosystem and its solutions and soon will be listed and traded on regulated exchanges.

In this collaboration, Diamante Blockchain joins the FutureBlock platform to become a part of our community. This will, in turn, give the consortium access to thousands of  our network investors.

Happy to see you on board, guys! Hope this partnership will help you build useful connections with our network members and contribute to spreading blockchain in the diamond industry.

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